CALIFA 7th Busy Week

University of St. Andrews

9th-12th June 2014

The CALIFA collaboration will celebrte its 7th Busy Week the 9th to the 12th of June 2014.

The main goals of this meeting are:

  • New articles using version 1.4 of the pipeline
  • Fixing QC on version 1.4
  • Closing detail for the upcoming DR2

Basic Information

Official 7th BW webpage at St.Andrews


Preliminar Program

  • Technical Issues
    • Pipeline 1.4 vs. 2.0
    • Follow-up observations
    • QC report on 1.4 dataset
  • Science
    • Comparing gradients in galaxies: stellar ages, metallicities and Oxygen abundances
    • Dissecting the BPT diagram by excitation mechanism and requirements for models of ionized gas
    • Dynamics and masses, IMF vs dark matter content
    • Weak emission lines, Wolf Rayet stars, SNe, SN remnants, etc.
    • Bulges and pseudo-bulges in photometry, kinematics and stelpops
    • Winds, outflows, non-circular motions and galactic fountains
    • The form of the extinction law and its possible changes within any given galaxy
    • Extinction and SFR for stars (Av vs SFH[t<100Myr] and for gas (Ha/Hb vs SFR(Ha))
    • Rotation (lambda) and SFH.